When is Rath Yatra? History, Meaning, Images

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Rath Yatra History

A Rathayatra is any journey in a chariot accompanied by the public. It typically refers to a procession (journey) of deities, people dressed like deities, or simply religious saints and political leaders. The term appears in medieval texts of India such as the Puranas, which mention the Rathayatra of Surya (Sun god), of Devi (Mother goddess), and of Vishnu.

These chariot journeys have elaborate celebrations where the individuals or the deities come out of a temple accompanied by the public journeying with them through the Ksetra (region, streets) to another temple or to the river or the sea. Sometimes the festivities include returning back to the sacrosanctum of the temple.

Rath Yatra Meaning

Ratha-yatra is derived two Sanskrit words, Ratha which means chariot or carriage, and yatra which means journey or pilgrimage. In other Indian languages such as Odia, the phonetic equivalents are used, such as rotho and jatra. Other names for the festival are ratha jatra or chariot festival.

Rath Yatra Images