When is National Cousins Day in 2018? Date, Day, Calendar

National Cousins Day, or World Cousins Day and International Cousins Day 2018, is a nonofficial holiday that is celebrated every year. It is going to be celebrated on Thursday, 24 July National Cousins Day 2018 or 24/07/2018. It is a holiday to let all of your cousins know how much you appreciate them.

 Celebrating Cousins  Day 2018

Here we discuss about celebrating the National Cousins Day 2018. Cousins day 2018 celebrated on 24 of july. If cousins are from the same generation, they are known as first, second or third cousins. For example, first cousins are children of siblings, your uncle and aunt’s children will be your first cousins.The children of first cousins are second cousins, and the children of second cousins are third cousins.  Reach out to your cousins or get together with them to let them know they are important to you.  Post photos on social media with your cousins using hashtag.

When is National Cousins Day in 2018
When is National Cousins Day in 2018

If you are getting a lot of calls and text messages on 24th july from your cousins then definitely your cousin is missing you and you have been a great cousins. This day celebrated across the states of America on 24 July. On this day shows their love to your cousins. Cousins are those important part of your family with whom you spent most of your summers and family holidays. They understand you because they were spent more time with you. On this day people make some plan with their beloved cousins.

How to Celebrate Cousins Day 2018 ?

  1.  Firstly send a letter or message to your cousins wishing them a happy Cousins Day. Show or tell them that you love them and you care about them.
  2. If your cousins live close, get together with them and their families.
  3. If you live far away to your cousins, you could do video chat with them or talk to them over the phone.


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